A Taste for Ink

we will mock the plank like canonites

// in the sepulchre there by the sea //
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I don't know what I'm writing,/but I write and write in journals without lines,/so that I can spin the pages any way I want.

a b o u t
bookish, shy, fangirl, and amateur writer.

I'm a college student, don't really know what I'm doing, just flying by the seat of my pants. I love watching foreign movies, and foreign music, basically a little mix of everything. I also write small pieces of fanfiction and original work here or there. I'm also a major book and music lover. I usually talk about everything in here- real life, fandom, thoughts, rants, family, etc.


Friend and defriend at will; no need to ask permission or anything. This journal is like 99% public and will remain so, barring any horrific experiences, and the flocked posts are only about my friends/family in real life, so you aren't really missing anything there.

I think that's all about you need to know. ^^

r a n d o m

(taken from some guy's T-shirt he was wearing, yes, random): poljubi me, ja sam Srbin!

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