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15 July 2014 @ 11:44 pm
PR Femslash Ficathon 2014 letter  
First off, thank you so much, dear author, for writing for me. Above all else, I hope you have fun writing these awesome 'ships because if you have fun, dear author, I will have fun reading whatever you come up with. If you need some help/inspiration/rambles on why I love these 'ships, there are a lot of words behind the cut. :D

  • Request 1 - Power Rangers Megaforce/Super
Emma Goodall/Gia Moran
I think Emma and Gia are good opposites. I find Emma more empathetic, not to say that Gia is selfish or anything, but Emma's more of a people-pleaser and worrier, but Gia does her own thing without worrying what people think. (And I subscribe to the fanon that Emma is totally Merrick's and Princess Shayla's love-child even if it doesn't totally make sense--esp. because it doesn't totally make sense because that'd only make Emma about twelve years old or something--Merrick & Princess S are thousands of years old by WF though, surely it's something timey-wimey??) Basically, I just want to know more about their families, and how they react to both Gia/Emma and to all of them, whatever your fanon is there, dear author. HONESTLY WHERE ARE ALL OF THEIR PARENTS?? AND/OR SIBLINGS?? OTHER FRIENDS BEFORE THEY WERE KIDNAPPED BY TENSOU AND GOSEI?

  • Request 2 - Power Rangers Samurai/Super
Lauren Shiba/Serena
For the Lauren/Serena 'ship, anything pre-series or after is welcome. And I really mean anything, but if you're looking for inspiration, some questions I've had concerning them are: do Serena and Lauren know each other? (My first instinct would be to say no because none of the other rangers knew each other personally at the beginning. But who knows! Canon certainly has opened it up so both interpretations could be valid. If you do write about them pre-series, I think it could be really interesting to read about their relationship and how it could start. Or post-series, Lauren could go visit Serena and help Emily and Mike take care of her! I'm all for that idea as well.) Once Master Xandred gets defeated, what are Lauren's plans? Or Serena's, for that matter? Does she get better or...worse?? (Please feel free to rip my heart out if you feel the need to with this 'ship, dear author.) Wouldn't it be lovely if Serena and Lauren got married?? AND THEN SERENA ENDS UP DYING??? A LA LOVE STORY?? (My, urm, definition of "lovely" does not line up with most people's, I'm okay with that.)

Emily/Mia Watanabe
prompts: things don't work out with Mike, and Mia is always there to lend a shoulder for Emily to cry on; Mia hasn't found her prince charming, but she has found her princess charming

Also, for all these pairings, I'd really be interested in seeing how they deal with the repercussions of being together with someone of the same sex considering that samurai powers are passed down through bloodlines. If they're all together with their respective lady loves, how do their families handle it? Are they supportive or not? Understanding? Do they go down the adoption route or surrogacy? It's interesting to me because all of them would give up their lives to fight Master Xandred because that's what all the past generations of their families have done and tradition is sacred to them, but how do they navigate through that loving the people they do? Do they ignore their own happiness and do what's expected of them? Or do they try to have it all? For Lauren and Serena, I'd definitely imagine that they'd do everything in their power to resist their attraction to each other, knowing what's expected of them, and knowing they should honor their families and follow through. It's in their character.

For Emily and Mia, it's the same thing, but I'd imagine they'd want to take their own happiness into consideration as well--after all, Master Xandred, post-series, is defeated, but he won't stay that way for long, but is it also really fair to ask them to give up on their own happiness when they've finished their duty? Do they try to look for some loopholes, both for themselves and Lauren/Serena?

Of course, the above is a pretty heavy topic to get into and I'd completely understand if your fic didn't want to go down this route, but it's something I always seem to think about where this series is concerned.

Dayu | Delia/Mia Watanabe
Dayu is one of my favorite villains, maybe because I'm sympathetic to her back story (unlike the majority of bad guys in PR, she has a back story). I just think this pairing could be intriguing. Mia seems to sense that Dayu is different from Master Xandred's other goons, and her interest could totally be seen as an attraction! Totally!
  • Request 3 - Power Rangers R.P.M.
Doctor K/Gemma
I found it fascinating that with Gemma and Gem, Dr. K was a wholly different person. Of course, considering her circumstances, no one could possibly survive everything she has gone through and not need hours upon hours of therapy, but I love that she and Gemma share a lot of personal history with each other, and that helps their closeness.
Some prompts to possibly write about: Gemma was Doctor K's first kiss; reunion!sex, Doctor K requests that Gemma help train her
  • Power Rangers S.P.D.
What interests me about this pairing is that Z and Syd are complete opposites, but they also form a friendship pretty fast for two people who seem so different on the surface. Of course, PR means throwing five or more people together and establishing friendships pretty quickly. BUT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN FOR THEM? What's the common ground they find? (We see Jack and Sky's begrudging road to respect and then eventual friendship but are just sort of expected to find Z and Syd BFFs right from the start, which is one of the more frustrating hand-wavy parts I want to shake my fists at.)

There is so little of this 'ship though that I will take anything, really. Cuddling/snuggling fic?? Awesome. Movie/date night?? Awesome. Stories where they prank the whole base and no one can catch them?? EVEN AWESOMER. No plot really, but them acting like dorks?? And/or dorks in love?? TOTALLY AWESOME. I love people in love acting silly. But dramatic stories where they think their love won't be accepted by the others/society are awesome too.

So, those are more specific thoughts on all my favorite pairings, as for the general, I tend to like established relationship fics the most. It's born out of my desire to see a canon queer relationship on mainstream tv that's happy and healthy (or maybe sometimes not too happy nor too healthy), though I wouldn't shake my nose at first-time fic either. I like romance, fluffiness, and angst in equal measure, as well as differing tropes of all kind: AUs (canon or wildly out-of-canon), friendship fics, case-files, mysteries, hurt-comfort, schmoop, curtain fic, ALL THE CROSSOVERS/FUSIONS; kinky fic, amnesia, bodyswaps, chosen family, epistolary, fake relationships, food porn, forbidden fruit, fuck or die, handcuffed / bound together, huddling for warmth, drunk fic, indecent proposal, presumed dead, reincarnation, reunions, rivals to lovers, road trip, sex pollen, sharing a bed, snowed in, soul bonding / soul-mates, time travel, trapped in a dream, unrequited love / pining, and virginfic.

Some general dislikes: A/B/O dynamics, character bashing, mpreg, gore, blood play, scat, mutilations, killing off characters for the sake of killing. (Really, not much I dislike; I'll read everything at least once.)


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