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02 April 2014 @ 11:30 pm
a thousand little wars i have to choose between  
+ A delightful person translated my Elementary fic: Adventures of Clyde: Super Sleuth and Undercover Tortoise. Do check it out over here if you can read Russian and are so inclined. (I used to be able to, once upon a time, write my name in Cyrillic, but those days are gone. I guess I could pick it up again, but meh...Why learn two different alphabets when one is serving me awesomely so far? Way to show cultural heritage, self.)

+ The Maple Leafs finally won last night against the Calgary Flames, after going on a little heartbreaking 8-games straight losing spree. There are only five more games left before the playoffs. So yes: very stressful times ahead indeeeeeed. (They play the Bruins tomorrow who are...crazy good, I guess best describes it? 7 straight wins, damn you Bruins.)

+ Whyyy is 2048 so tough for me to beat?!! I think I've getting over my addiction to the game as I don't feel the constant need to play it anymore, but it's close going. So, WARNING: THIS GAME WILL SUCK YOU IN AND NOT LET YOU GO. EVER.


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